Wolves Among Us

Wolves Among Us is the third series created by A. M. Reed. It is directed towards anyone with a love for werewolf romances. It has slightly mature themes, but nothing explicit. More books are coming soon.

The books are in order of release date.

Dr. Ian Blythe’s job is to heal physical and emotional wounds.

A tough enough assignment under normal circumstances, but Dr. Blythe does not deal in ‘normal’, for the human girls he helps all have one thing in common: werewolves. Immoral werewolves have victimized every girl under his care.

As if that is not difficult enough, he also must insure that the very existence of werewolves is kept secret from the general public.

However, when Lily White is brought in, a girl who suffered some of the worst abuses imaginable, Dr. Blythe must not only help her heal, but also convince her that not all werewolves are horrible, uncaring, vicious beasts.

He has to show her that some werewolves can be trusted because this time he has a personal stake in the outcome.

The Chase
Tess is from an extremely traditional pack. Returning to her pack after four years away at college, as an unmated female, she must participate in an old pack ritual: the Chase.

Unmated wolves from her pack pursue her and the one who catches her gets the ultimate prize: her as a mate.

However, Tess knows how males treat their mates and wants no part of it, determined to evade capture during the chase… but can she outrun and outsmart such strong males? Or will she be forced into mating with a male as bad, or perhaps worse, than her abusive father?

Alpha Female
Becca Carlyle, not content with living in the male-dominated world of werewolves, wants more than simply being an obedient mate. She wants to empower females, to become an example of how to stand up and be counted, refusing to roll over while males lord it over her.

What better way than becoming an Alpha, a position traditionally held by males?

Finally, realizing her dream of becoming an Alpha, Becca is accepted as Alpha of a small pack, but things don’t go exactly as planned when the Alpha of a nearby and much larger pack challenges her during a full moon. The outcome threatens everything Becca holds dear and she is forced to make

Will love or pride win out?

The word “rogue” is generally used to describe wolves that either broke away from their pack or were kicked out, and are now roaming around causing trouble. They are considered pests and, at times, extremely dangerous. Rogues usually are loners, occasionally grouping with other rogues in order to cause even more mayhem.

However, Sally’s family is forced into becoming rogues. After being kicked out of pack after pack for having a daughter born human, Sally’s sister Peyton, the Phillips family accepts their status as rogues and tries to live as peacefully as possible, as far away from other werewolves as possible.

When their car breaks down within a werewolf territory, all that flies out the window.

Kaegan, the Alpha claims Sally as his mate, shocking Sally and her entire family. After having so many bad experiences with Alphas, Sally is fearful of Kaegan. She’s not the only one with reservations, though. Her father is not happy about this development and is suspicious of Kaegan.

Will Sally and her family be able to accept Kaegan’s help when a new pack threatens their safety?

Coming Soon
Mend (sequel to Broken)
Feral (Working title)


  1. I love your books. I fell in love with sally and Kaegan from the start. Please, please ! make the second one soon, I cant wait to see how their relationship continues to unfold.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Sally and Kaegan's adventures shall continue in future books. :) A new book is coming soon in which Sally and Kaegan will make small cameos. They will play a bigger part the book following that one.

      Thank you for reading my books and commenting! I really appreciate it!
      ~A. M. Reed

  2. Sorry to be dense, but I'm having trouble finding Broken, The Chase and Rogues to buy in book form rather than an ebook/Kindle version. Are they available in the UK as regular books? And if so, please could you point me in the right direction? Thanks Duncan

    1. They are indeed available in the UK as paperbacks. :)

      Here are links to the physical books.
      The Chase: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chase-Wolves-Among-Us/dp/1491260998
      Broken: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Broken-Wolves-Among-Us-Reed/dp/149126120X
      Rogues: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rogues-Wolves-Among-Us-Reed/dp/149126067X/

      Thank you so much for your interest in the series! I hope you find them to be to your liking.
      ~A. M. Reed

  3. Thanks so much. My search kept directing me to the Kindle versions but these links have done the trick. A great Christmas present for my son is en route! Kind regards, Duncan