Ways of the Pack

"Ways of the Pack" was the first book series A. M. Reed started. It began when she was sixteen years old, starting with "Hunter: Secrets Revealed," the first book she ever completed. The series was written with teenagers in mind, and may not satisfy more mature readers.

Here is a list of the books in the series in chronological order.

Ways of the Pack
1. Hunter: Secrets Revealed
"Hunter is not a normal teenage girl… she freely admits that. Though her life had never been normal to start out with, it soon is turned upside down when she meets a strange creature and befriends him.

She is forced to get past her anti-social, paranoid ways and face the fact that not everyone in the world is evil and out to get her as she attempts to solve the mystery surrounding her father's sudden disappearance when she was a baby while still facing the challenges high school presents.

2. Jacey: New Friends, New Enemies
Jacey has had it rough. After her parents died, she was approached by a man who said her parents were killed by werewolves. But were they? He took her in and she helped him rid the world of the evil creatures, but when she actually has a conversation with a werewolf, she questions her new friend’s intentions.

3. Matthew: Hearts of Stone
Living high above a city in Paris, Matthew watches the humans below. His life has been good, he has a loving mother and a father figure taking care of him, but one day his life is thrown out of whack and he must face challenges he couldn’t even imagine.
Matthew has to go out into the world, fight an evil scientist, and find an ally in this crazy, mixed up world. Can he find someone that will accept him for who he is?

These books are sort of a "spin off" of Ways of the Pack, but are very pertinent to the continuation of the series.
The Vampire Saga
4. Nessa’s Vampire Drama
Social reject, wallflower, friendless… All of those terms can be used to describe Nessa. After moving every year or so, she had “first days” down pat. However, when she meets a strange handsome fellow outside of school, she decides to give this while “social” thing a chance.

Meanwhile, at school there’s a strange group of people that even the wacky locals are suspicious of. Still, she finds herself drawn to one in particular with enough charm to trick even the sternest of teachers.

Nessa finds herself knee-deep in a war between mythical races. Has she chosen the wrong side by befriending the fanged Thaddeus? Or are the werewolves truly as evil as he claims?

5. Maybell’s Mistakes
Life wasn’t perfect for the nurse Maybell, but she loved it. She enjoyed helping the kids stay lighthearted despite their horrible conditions, even if she had to deal with the occasional loss.

When a handsome middle aged doctor shows up, though, she is reminded of her past with a certain shady character that had used and tricked her.

Maybell had been down that road before. She wasn’t going to do it again.

Despite her better efforts, though, she finds herself falling for Dr. William Logan.

When their relationship brings Thaddeus out of the woodwork, however, Maybell is put in more danger than she bargained for, as is her unborn child.

6. Vampire Hunters
Sam Stone was raised to kill vampires. It was always black and white. Things get complicated, though, when familial relations are involved. Throw in a werewolf and you have a whole mess of trouble.
7. The Return

Vampire, werewolves, gargoyles, vampire hunters and everything else you could possibly imagine kept Galen and Jacey apart. With things finally settling down, Galen returns to his pack for a break from the Vampire Hunters and finds that the little girl he knew is no longer little, nor a girl.

Seventeen year old Jacey finally finds her way into the dating pool and is going through guys about as fast as she goes through hair styles. However, sneaking out and lying, she discovers, is a prime way of getting grounded and being banned from dating for a while.

When Thaddeus rears his ugly head again, Jacey’s dating situation becomes the least of her worries, and Galen can only hope that he’ll find Jacey alive after Thaddeus is through with her.

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