About A. M. Reed

A. M. Reed began writing at the age of fifteen, but she had many stories and characters in her head long before then. At fifteen, the characters finally forced her to write what they said and ever since then, she has been a slave to their demands.

After writing three books in her first series Ways of the Pack, more characters demanded they be heard and she wrote Mating of the Beasts based in a completely different world with completely new shape shifters. Not long after that, a new breed of werewolf forced her to create the Wolves Among Us series.

"Mating of the Beasts" is a paranormal romance series that focuses on a type of shape shifter called "Beasts" that can be anything, foxes, lions, wolves, and beyond! "Mating of the Beasts" is a YA series. There is light romance.

"Ways of the Pack" focuses on a werewolf species, but has many other mythical creatures. It is for a younger audience than the other books and has a less deep plot and little to no romance, focusing more on the friendship aspect of the story. It is safe for most ages.

"Wolves Among Us" is a werewolf romance series, focusing on a completely different type of werewolf than "Ways of the Pack." It mostly features romance and addresses more serious issues than the other series. It is a YA series.

At this time, no new books are planned for Mating of the Beasts or Ways of the Pack as A. M. Reed feels she has outgrown the characters she created before even becoming an adult and has decided to focus solely on the Wolves Among Us series.

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