Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Book Coming THIS MONTH!

A year after the release of my most popular book "Rogues," I am releasing the next book in the "Wolves Among Us" series. The current title (subject to change) is "Alpha Female." It is a 17,000 word novelette, taking place around the same time as "Rogues" and even featuring a cameo from Kaegan Troy.

Currently, I just need to make some final edits, write a good blurb, and create a book cover, and then it will be ready for publishing. I do not have an official release date, but as long as nothing horrible happens, it will be published by the end of the month.

I do hope to have the next book in the series nearly done before "Alpha Female" is published, however. This book has no title as of right now, but features the characters of all four previous books in the series. That's right, it is a sequel to all of the characters stories. I am hoping it will be the longest book in the series so far because there is a lot to cover. There are a lot of amazing characters in it and I want to insure I focus on all of them equally, insuring that the next chapter of their stories feels complete and satisfying to readers. That's not to say that this, the 5th book in the series, will be the end of their stories! No, not at all! In fact, it is simply the beginning for a few new characters.

Thanks for sticking with me, even though it has taken so long for the next book to be released. I promise, the wait is almost over. Watch out! The Alpha Female is coming for your soon. ;)

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