Monday, July 7, 2014

Alpha Female - Cover Reveal + Blurb

Becca Carlyle, not content with living in the male-dominated world of werewolves, wants more than simply being an obedient mate.  She wants to empower females, to become an example of how to stand up and be counted, refusing to roll over while males lord it over her.

What better way than becoming an Alpha, a position traditionally held by males? 

Finally, realizing her dream of becoming an Alpha, Becca is accepted as Alpha of a small pack, but things don’t go exactly as planned when the Alpha of a nearby and much larger pack challenges her during a full moon.  The outcome threatens everything Becca holds dear and she is forced to make some tough decisions.

Will love or pride win out?


“Alpha Female” is a novelette (about 17,000 words). It is part of the “Wolves Among Us” series, but no other books need to be read in order to understand the events of “Alpha Female.” At this point, the books in the “Wolves Among Us” series can be read in any order. Here is a list of the books in the series, in the recommended reading order.
  • The Chase
  • Broken
  • Alpha Female
  • Rogues 

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