Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Here is a quick update on my three book series!

Ways of the Pack--
I recently published what I am calling a "spin off" of Ways of the Pack (The Vampire Saga), but the events in it are somewhat pertinent to the next book in the series, coming soon. I plan to publish it very soon. I honestly just need a book cover and then it will be good to go.

Mating of the Beasts--
This series has hit a standstill. I painted myself into a corner with a storyline and I'm having to completely rework everything to make it believable and not completely nonsensical. There are just a bunch of events that I want to take place that are not fitting together right at the moment. What is currently the "third book" may end up being split into several short stories, but I honestly do not see that working out well either... All that to say, I have to step back from this series for a while and then look at it with new eyes.

Wolves Among Us--
I'm currently working on the third book. It will be about 40k words and I currently have 36k, as well as a few ideas for more books in this series. It turns out people really like buying werewolf romance short stories! "The Chase" is currently my best seller, especially in the UK. I know "The Chase" is short and leaves it somewhat on a cliffhanger, but future books/short stories will show what becomes of Tess and Christopher, even if the stories do not focus solely on that couple. Eventually you'll see all the couples in this series show up again somehow. Most of these werewolves know each other... and eventually you'll find out why. ;)

Also, I have the sequel to "Broken" in the works. It will be one of the few books in this series to have a true sequel. The rest, as mentioned above, will simply be brought up or shown in future short stories. Dr. Blythe and Lilly still have quite the journey ahead of them, though, and are deserving of at least one more book to show their struggle towards a Happy Ever After.


So that about covers it! I do have a small update about this website, though.

You might notice that I no longer have links to where you can buy my books. That is because you can get them on almost any eReader now. Instead, I have a page dedicated to each of my series, with lists of each book. It is still a work in progress, though. I plan to add book covers and some extra tidbits to the pages. However, it is comprehensive and should list every single one of my books.

Let me know what you would like to see on this website!
Thanks for supporting me,
~A. M. Reed

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