Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Short Story!

I apologize for the delay in the release of my upcoming books. They have hit a few snags in the editing process, but are coming!

Until then, however, I am proud to announce a new short story in my "Wolves Among Us" series.

"The Chase" will be released in early April!

Here is the book discription.

Tess is from an extremely traditional pack. Returning to her pack after four years away at college, as an unmated female, she must participate in an old pack ritual: the Chase.

Unmated wolves from her pack pursue her and the one who catches her gets the ultimate prize: her as a mate.

However, Tess knows how males treat their mates and wants no part of it, determined to evade capture during the chase… but can she outrun and outsmart such strong males? Or will she be forced into mating with a male as bad, or perhaps worse, than her abusive father?


“The Chase” is a standalone werewolf romance short story (just under 10,000 words). It is part of a series, but no other books need to be read in order to understand the events in “The Chase."

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