Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Book, New Series

Sorry for the lack of updates! Worry not, though because I bring good tidings of new books!

In my absence, I began writing several new books in both my current series and a new series! The books to come in my current series are undergoing rigorous editing, but one of the books in my new series is on its way to being published as we speak... or read... or write... Either way, there is a new book that will be available within 48 hours.

It is part of my new series "Wolves Among Us." The series focuses on a single mythical species: werewolves. These wolves are quite a bit different from the classic werewolves, but with several notable similarities that separate them from regular ol' shape-shifters such as my "Beasts." I will not give to much detail about these new werewolves here. The book coming soon is a good introduction to the species and will cover the basics fairly easily.

The new book is titled "Broken." It is a 19,000 word novelette that will be available for 99 cents. I will admit to you, my loyal readers, that I wrote it as an experiment. I wanted to analyze a character through another character's eyes and I loved the results. I know it may seem a bit short, but it is an introduction in to this new werewolfy world and the story of the two main characters shall continue in future volumes.

Here is the Blurb for "Broken."

Dr. Ian Blythe’s job is to heal physical and emotional wounds.

A tough enough assignment under normal circumstances, but Dr. Blythe does not deal in ‘normal’, for the human girls he helps all have one thing in common: werewolves. Immoral werewolves have victimized every girl under his care.

As if that is not difficult enough, he also must insure that the very existence of werewolves is kept secret from the general public.

However, when Lily White is brought in, a girl who suffered some of the worst abuses imaginable, Dr. Blythe must not only help her heal, but also convince her that not all werewolves are horrible, uncaring, vicious beasts.

He has to show her that some werewolves can be trusted because this time he has a personal stake in the outcome.

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