Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beastly Extra -- New Book Description and Cover

"Beast Man"
Having defeated an evil, human-killing Beast, Rowen hopes that the threat to his Mate, Lea has passed. However, the universe apparently has a different plan.
When Teryn, a male Beast from Rowen’s old Pack, brings news that a group of Rogues plans to exact revenge on Rowen for killing their Alpha, everything goes topsy tervy once more for Hector Stine’s Pack.
Hoping to help, Teryn is blindsided by an unexpected distraction...that of a human female he feels inexplicably drawn to.
Can Teryn protect the Pack as well as the fragile female and her family?
Or will the Rogues’ dastardly plan to take their revenge, as well as the Pack, succeed?

This book will be released THIS WEEK! The wait is nearly over!

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