Monday, May 28, 2012

Updates and Tid Bits

A new book is coming soon to the Beast world. I am working tirelessly to get it ready and hope to have it out very soon. It still needs editing, a name, and a cover, but then it will be ready to go.

Now, a treat. The following is a collection of quotes from "The Finicky Feline" that I hope will capture your interest. I will post more at a later date.


“But I’m worried about Erik and I think this has something to do with his—”
“Inability to perform?” Lea could not suppress her grin.
~Mari Stine and Lea Stine.

“Oh, so you actually have a fetish for lamps, then?” Lea grinned wickedly, “That’s something you don’t hear everyday.”
~Lea Stine

“Well, I assure you, I am a perfect gentleman,” he told her, “I always wait until the third date to undress a lamp.”

“Well, I hope you, your kitty-cat, and your lamp make a happy threesome.”
~Lea Stine

“What happened after the ritual?”
“No ‘hey, good morning sister’?” Lea grumbled, opening her laptop as she took her place behind the counter.
“Good morning my dear sister;” Erik replied expansively, “How are you on this fine day?”
“Very well, brother,” she returned in the same tone, “I hope you are well, as well.”
Very well,” he nodded before becoming urgent and curious again, “So how was it?”
~Erik Stine and Lea Stine.

“For your information, I can defend myself,” she told him, attempting to wriggle out of his embrace.
“Do not pretend that you dislike my touch,” he half-smiled, tightening his grip as he used his other hand to caress her cheek.
Without thought, Lea closed her eyes and leaned into his hand, surprising herself when a sound came from her throat.
“Ah, so you purr,” he smiled widely, “My beloved Feline, you constantly amaze me.”
~Lea Stine and Rowen.

“So are we going to call the police?” Brian asked, “I mean, good people don’t growl at people, do they? He has to be a murderer or something… He’s like seven feet tall and probably lifts trucks instead of weights!”
~Brian Sinclair

“I have yet to be able to fully shift, but I am quite advanced. The only one in my old pack able to shift further than I was my brother.”
“So you have an impressive resume,” Lea shrugged, “But the question is… can you beat me in a race?”
“I think you have the advantage in this setting, Feline,” Rowen raised an eyebrow, smiling, “But it could not hurt to find out.”
~Rowen and Lea Stine.

“How are you able to remain shifted after that?” Lea asked, gesturing at his hirsute legs and arms, “Aren’t you worn out?”
“I think you will find that I have great stamina,” he smiled down at her as his arms and legs became human again, though his eyes still remained shifted.
~Lea Stine and Rowen.

What’s tonight?” Lea frowned, suddenly unsure.
“Training session on the grounds… It should be just up your alley, cat.”
~Lea Stine and Rowen.

“How do you know she went this way?”
“Her scent,” Bert rolled his eyes, “Don’t you know your own sister’s scent?”
“I don’t exactly go around sniffing her,”
~Erik Stine and Bert.

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