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More "Beastly Extras" -- FAQ

Another day and another extra from the "Mating of the Beasts" series leading up to the release of the next book! Be sure to check back every day for more "Beastly Extras." I won't promise that I'll have something for you every day, but nearly every day I will dig up some things and dust them off to show you!

Today is an FAQ. It is slightly spoiler-y, but nothing huge I think. Now, if you have questions to add to this, let me know! Also, I will be conducting "interviews" with characters from both the "Ways of the Pack" series AND the "Mating of the Beasts" series soon, so send me any questions you have for them as well!

Question: Rowen said that the Beast within has no need for intercourse. Care to explain this?
Answer: The Beasts themselves have no need for a sex drive since their human counterparts have it. If the Beasts did have it, then the actual being would have two sex drives…

Question: Can you explain the separation between the man and the Beast?”
Answer: The Beast is always present, but at times it is barely there. I like to look at it with percentages. While Lea is working at the store, while Brian isn’t there annoying her, she is 95% human and 5% Beast. When Brian shows up and she begins to get irritated it may change to 75% human and 25% Beast. Males normally have more Beast present than females, but during the Mating Ritual, males have more human present than the females, which is why the female does not retain any memory of the incident while the male remembers bits and pieces.

Question: Why didn’t Rowen just attack Ailín when he saw Ailín and Lea running together?
Answer: First of all, Rowen knew that Ailín could not hurt Lea in the middle of town, so she was safe for the moment. Attacking Ailín could have not only put Lea at risk, but if there were any other Beasts in the area, Rowen wouldn’t have stood a chance. All that to say, it wouldn’t have been very smart to attack Ailín at that point.

Question: Are we eventually going to meet Rowen’s old pack?
Answer: I can only say maybe. While I would love to write about that pack, there’s not much going on at the moment.

Question: Where do the Stines live and which part of Europe is Rowen from?
Answer: Where do you think they live and where do you think Rowen is from? Because you are correct! I wanted to keep it ambiguous for various reasons. Personally, I love to read a book and say: I live near that town! However, I wanted to try something new with this book. Plus, I like different European accents than what other people like so I wanted readers to hear whatever accent for Rowen that they wanted.

Question: Is Erik going to find a Mate?
Answer: Hehe… maybe.  I have a story planned about him, so keep an eye out for it.

Question: Will you write a prequel about Mari and Hector?
Answer: Maybe… No promises, but there is a story to tell there.

Question: What happened to Ailín after Rowen brought him back to his old pack?
Answer: That’s a good question… He may have been killed, but he might not have been. You’ll find out as more books are released.

Question: Is Lea really a lesbian?
Answer: No, she’s heterosexual, but she just, like some women I know, disliked male genitals… until she found some attached to a guy she thinks is super hot. Also, it was a good excuse not to date humans in high school. It really was just very advantageous for people to think she was a lesbian.

Question: When are Rowen and Lea getting married?!
Answer: Soon, don’t worry. The actual wedding probably won’t be in a book, but you probably will get a peek at their married life. By the way, Lea is not looking forward to wearing a dress and marching down an aisle.

Question: What inspired this story?
Answer: There were a lot of “Mate” concepts going around, and I really thought the idea was interesting, so I took the parts I liked and made it my own. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of shows where mythical creatures live alongside humans such as Lost Girl, Grimm, etc, and I wanted to make my own shape-shifting creature that could do that. Also, the song “Howl” by Florence and the Machine really got my creative juices flowing for this. Even though Lea and Rowen and not wolves, the words from the sound struck something with me and made this story possible.

Question: Are you going to stop working on “Ways of the Pack” to work on this series?
Answer: No! “Ways of the Pack” has so many stories yet to be told… Jacey would never forgive me if I stopped writing about her. All this fame is going to her head. “Ways of the Pack” is far from over, but now I have two separate series’ to work on. I like variety, so it’s perfect for me.

Question: Is this in a completely different “universe” from “Ways of the Pack”?
Answer: Yes. Hunter, Jacey, Aaron, etc, do not exist in the same world as Lea and Rowen. There are no “werewolves” here, only this one type of shape-shifter.

Question: How many more books do you have planned for this series?
Answer: Planned? I’m supposed to plan these things…? Oops. In all seriousness, though, I have two storylines in mind. One involves Erik and the other involves new characters. I hope to write another book about Rowen and Lea, but haven’t they been through enough?

Question: Do “half-Beasts” exist?
Answer: Are you psychic? Because that’s where my next book is going. I won’t go into great detail, but I will tell you that it is frowned upon to have sexual relations with someone other than a Beast’s Mate. A human cannot be a Beast’s Mate, therefore Beasts should not have children with humans. That does not mean that it does not happen, though. The details about how “half-Beasts” work have yet to be figured out, but they can have Mates because they do have an inner Beast and can shift, assuming they work hard to learn to control it, of course.

Question: Are the people actually “Beasts” or is that what the thing inside them is called?
Answer: Yes. Well, let me clarify. The thing inside them is called their Beast, but for simplicity’s sake, the people are considered Beasts. So, you really could say that they are humans with an inner-Beast, but that’s just too complex and the Beast does dictate their actions to a point.

Question: If one’s Mate dies, can they find a new Mate?
Answer: Maybe. It would be depressing to think that there’s only one person for you in the world and when that person dies, you’re doomed to be alone… There are rumors, unconfirmed, that a Beast can find a new Mate after theirs dies. These are just rumors, mind you. It will, however, be either confirmed or disproved eventually in the series.

Question: Will Erik eventually become the Alpha?
Answer: Maybe… I won’t say it’s impossible, but at the moment it does not seem likely. Alphas have to be able to shift more than the other strong males in the Pack to be able to keep order. Since he still has trouble shifting, it is doubtful that he will become Alpha. Anything is possible, though.

Question: Will Rowen replace Hector as Alpha?
Answer: That is very unlikely. Rowen and Lea just want to relax and be together, not having to worry about taking care of a pack. Besides, Rowen knows that while he is strong, a leader he is not. At least, not yet.

Question: Are there vampires in the world of Beasts?
Answer: Nope! No vampires, sorry. Maybe Vampire Bat Beasts, though… Hmm… I’ll have to think on that… But if you want vampires from me, I have a few books coming out in the same world as “Ways of the Pack.”

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