Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Finicky Feline -- Chapter 3 Deleted Scene

For the next week or so, I plan to post "extras" here nearly every day, so keep an eye out!

Today, I have a deleted scene for you. This scene was supposed to take place the morning after the training session in chapter 3, but the timeline did not match up with everything else, so it was taken out. I was very sad that I was unable to use it, but I believe it makes a good little "extra" because it has some fun Lea/Rowen interaction. I hope you enjoy reading it!


“And he’s back.”
“Great…” Bert groaned, “Mom, hurry up please.”
Rowen chuckled as he entered the store, “I did not mean to interrupt.”
“Bert’s just angry because Erik got all the praise last night,” Lea rolled her eyes, “My dad isn’t here.”
“I know,” Rowen smiled, approaching the counter he passed a glaring Bert and his mother, who also eyed him suspiciously, “I came to see you.”
“Now why would you come to see little ol’ me?” Lea asked in a southern peach accent, batting her eyelashes.
Rowen raised an eyebrow, appraising her.
“Are you in good enough shape for our rematch?” he asked.
“It may have escaped your notice,” Lea began seriously, “But I have customers for once.”
“Careful,” Bert warned grouchily, “She’ll probably run you into a branch. Mom, hurry up!”
“I’m not done looking,” his mother snapped, “If you’re so bored; go to that new pizza place!”
“Trish, I don’t think we have what you’re looking for yet,” Lea told her, “We only got a few things in the other day.”
“I suppose you’re right,” Trish sighed sadly, “Thanks for putting up with me, Lea. I know I’m your worst costumer.”
“Seeing as we have about three regular customers, there’s not a lot of competition for that title,” Lea reasoned, “However, Mrs. Bennett could give you a run for your money.”
Trish nodded, laughing lightly as she waved, stepping out the door with Bert following behind her eagerly.
“And now, it seems you are free,” Rowen pointed out.
“Except for the fact that I’m in charge of the store until either Dad gets back from his meeting with some Pack member, Mom gets back from her… whatever she’s doing, or Erik gets back from school, so…”
“You are unwilling to take a short break so that I can prove that I am the faster Beast?”
“You talk a good game, but dude, I have mad skills.”
“I am certain you do,” Rowen agreed, “What those skills are, however, I have yet to discover.”
“You’ll find out when I kick your furry behind into next Sunday,” Lea grinned.
“Sunday is not that far away,” Rowen pointed out.
“Fine, how about next year?” Lea raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms, “I can beat you so bad that you won’t even know what day it is anyways. How ‘bout that?”
“If we cannot have our rematch at the moment, at least allow me to buy you lunch,” Rowen requested abruptly, “We can continue this extremely interesting conversation over a sandwich.”
“Not hungry,” Lea frowned, “Besides, I eat losers like you for breakfast. It’s quite satisfying.”
“I see,” Rowen nodded, a half-smile appearing on his lips, “Perhaps for dinner, then?”
“Yeah, that’s not such a good idea,” Lea told him solemnly.
“Dare I ask why?” Rowen sighed heavily.
“I have plans,” she replied.
“Plans, hmm?”
“Yep… Beating you to a pulp in our rematch tonight is gonna take up most of my schedule.”

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