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More "Beastly Extras" -- FAQ

Another day and another extra from the "Mating of the Beasts" series leading up to the release of the next book! Be sure to check back every day for more "Beastly Extras." I won't promise that I'll have something for you every day, but nearly every day I will dig up some things and dust them off to show you!

Today is an FAQ. It is slightly spoiler-y, but nothing huge I think. Now, if you have questions to add to this, let me know! Also, I will be conducting "interviews" with characters from both the "Ways of the Pack" series AND the "Mating of the Beasts" series soon, so send me any questions you have for them as well!

Question: Rowen said that the Beast within has no need for intercourse. Care to explain this?
Answer: The Beasts themselves have no need for a sex drive since their human counterparts have it. If the Beasts did have it, then the actual being would have two sex drives…

Question: Can you explain the separation between the man and the Beast?”
Answer: The Beast is always present, but at times it is barely there. I like to look at it with percentages. While Lea is working at the store, while Brian isn’t there annoying her, she is 95% human and 5% Beast. When Brian shows up and she begins to get irritated it may change to 75% human and 25% Beast. Males normally have more Beast present than females, but during the Mating Ritual, males have more human present than the females, which is why the female does not retain any memory of the incident while the male remembers bits and pieces.

Question: Why didn’t Rowen just attack Ailín when he saw Ailín and Lea running together?
Answer: First of all, Rowen knew that Ailín could not hurt Lea in the middle of town, so she was safe for the moment. Attacking Ailín could have not only put Lea at risk, but if there were any other Beasts in the area, Rowen wouldn’t have stood a chance. All that to say, it wouldn’t have been very smart to attack Ailín at that point.

Question: Are we eventually going to meet Rowen’s old pack?
Answer: I can only say maybe. While I would love to write about that pack, there’s not much going on at the moment.

Question: Where do the Stines live and which part of Europe is Rowen from?
Answer: Where do you think they live and where do you think Rowen is from? Because you are correct! I wanted to keep it ambiguous for various reasons. Personally, I love to read a book and say: I live near that town! However, I wanted to try something new with this book. Plus, I like different European accents than what other people like so I wanted readers to hear whatever accent for Rowen that they wanted.

Question: Is Erik going to find a Mate?
Answer: Hehe… maybe.  I have a story planned about him, so keep an eye out for it.

Question: Will you write a prequel about Mari and Hector?
Answer: Maybe… No promises, but there is a story to tell there.

Question: What happened to Ailín after Rowen brought him back to his old pack?
Answer: That’s a good question… He may have been killed, but he might not have been. You’ll find out as more books are released.

Question: Is Lea really a lesbian?
Answer: No, she’s heterosexual, but she just, like some women I know, disliked male genitals… until she found some attached to a guy she thinks is super hot. Also, it was a good excuse not to date humans in high school. It really was just very advantageous for people to think she was a lesbian.

Question: When are Rowen and Lea getting married?!
Answer: Soon, don’t worry. The actual wedding probably won’t be in a book, but you probably will get a peek at their married life. By the way, Lea is not looking forward to wearing a dress and marching down an aisle.

Question: What inspired this story?
Answer: There were a lot of “Mate” concepts going around, and I really thought the idea was interesting, so I took the parts I liked and made it my own. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of shows where mythical creatures live alongside humans such as Lost Girl, Grimm, etc, and I wanted to make my own shape-shifting creature that could do that. Also, the song “Howl” by Florence and the Machine really got my creative juices flowing for this. Even though Lea and Rowen and not wolves, the words from the sound struck something with me and made this story possible.

Question: Are you going to stop working on “Ways of the Pack” to work on this series?
Answer: No! “Ways of the Pack” has so many stories yet to be told… Jacey would never forgive me if I stopped writing about her. All this fame is going to her head. “Ways of the Pack” is far from over, but now I have two separate series’ to work on. I like variety, so it’s perfect for me.

Question: Is this in a completely different “universe” from “Ways of the Pack”?
Answer: Yes. Hunter, Jacey, Aaron, etc, do not exist in the same world as Lea and Rowen. There are no “werewolves” here, only this one type of shape-shifter.

Question: How many more books do you have planned for this series?
Answer: Planned? I’m supposed to plan these things…? Oops. In all seriousness, though, I have two storylines in mind. One involves Erik and the other involves new characters. I hope to write another book about Rowen and Lea, but haven’t they been through enough?

Question: Do “half-Beasts” exist?
Answer: Are you psychic? Because that’s where my next book is going. I won’t go into great detail, but I will tell you that it is frowned upon to have sexual relations with someone other than a Beast’s Mate. A human cannot be a Beast’s Mate, therefore Beasts should not have children with humans. That does not mean that it does not happen, though. The details about how “half-Beasts” work have yet to be figured out, but they can have Mates because they do have an inner Beast and can shift, assuming they work hard to learn to control it, of course.

Question: Are the people actually “Beasts” or is that what the thing inside them is called?
Answer: Yes. Well, let me clarify. The thing inside them is called their Beast, but for simplicity’s sake, the people are considered Beasts. So, you really could say that they are humans with an inner-Beast, but that’s just too complex and the Beast does dictate their actions to a point.

Question: If one’s Mate dies, can they find a new Mate?
Answer: Maybe. It would be depressing to think that there’s only one person for you in the world and when that person dies, you’re doomed to be alone… There are rumors, unconfirmed, that a Beast can find a new Mate after theirs dies. These are just rumors, mind you. It will, however, be either confirmed or disproved eventually in the series.

Question: Will Erik eventually become the Alpha?
Answer: Maybe… I won’t say it’s impossible, but at the moment it does not seem likely. Alphas have to be able to shift more than the other strong males in the Pack to be able to keep order. Since he still has trouble shifting, it is doubtful that he will become Alpha. Anything is possible, though.

Question: Will Rowen replace Hector as Alpha?
Answer: That is very unlikely. Rowen and Lea just want to relax and be together, not having to worry about taking care of a pack. Besides, Rowen knows that while he is strong, a leader he is not. At least, not yet.

Question: Are there vampires in the world of Beasts?
Answer: Nope! No vampires, sorry. Maybe Vampire Bat Beasts, though… Hmm… I’ll have to think on that… But if you want vampires from me, I have a few books coming out in the same world as “Ways of the Pack.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Finicky Feline -- Chapter 3 Deleted Scene

For the next week or so, I plan to post "extras" here nearly every day, so keep an eye out!

Today, I have a deleted scene for you. This scene was supposed to take place the morning after the training session in chapter 3, but the timeline did not match up with everything else, so it was taken out. I was very sad that I was unable to use it, but I believe it makes a good little "extra" because it has some fun Lea/Rowen interaction. I hope you enjoy reading it!


“And he’s back.”
“Great…” Bert groaned, “Mom, hurry up please.”
Rowen chuckled as he entered the store, “I did not mean to interrupt.”
“Bert’s just angry because Erik got all the praise last night,” Lea rolled her eyes, “My dad isn’t here.”
“I know,” Rowen smiled, approaching the counter he passed a glaring Bert and his mother, who also eyed him suspiciously, “I came to see you.”
“Now why would you come to see little ol’ me?” Lea asked in a southern peach accent, batting her eyelashes.
Rowen raised an eyebrow, appraising her.
“Are you in good enough shape for our rematch?” he asked.
“It may have escaped your notice,” Lea began seriously, “But I have customers for once.”
“Careful,” Bert warned grouchily, “She’ll probably run you into a branch. Mom, hurry up!”
“I’m not done looking,” his mother snapped, “If you’re so bored; go to that new pizza place!”
“Trish, I don’t think we have what you’re looking for yet,” Lea told her, “We only got a few things in the other day.”
“I suppose you’re right,” Trish sighed sadly, “Thanks for putting up with me, Lea. I know I’m your worst costumer.”
“Seeing as we have about three regular customers, there’s not a lot of competition for that title,” Lea reasoned, “However, Mrs. Bennett could give you a run for your money.”
Trish nodded, laughing lightly as she waved, stepping out the door with Bert following behind her eagerly.
“And now, it seems you are free,” Rowen pointed out.
“Except for the fact that I’m in charge of the store until either Dad gets back from his meeting with some Pack member, Mom gets back from her… whatever she’s doing, or Erik gets back from school, so…”
“You are unwilling to take a short break so that I can prove that I am the faster Beast?”
“You talk a good game, but dude, I have mad skills.”
“I am certain you do,” Rowen agreed, “What those skills are, however, I have yet to discover.”
“You’ll find out when I kick your furry behind into next Sunday,” Lea grinned.
“Sunday is not that far away,” Rowen pointed out.
“Fine, how about next year?” Lea raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms, “I can beat you so bad that you won’t even know what day it is anyways. How ‘bout that?”
“If we cannot have our rematch at the moment, at least allow me to buy you lunch,” Rowen requested abruptly, “We can continue this extremely interesting conversation over a sandwich.”
“Not hungry,” Lea frowned, “Besides, I eat losers like you for breakfast. It’s quite satisfying.”
“I see,” Rowen nodded, a half-smile appearing on his lips, “Perhaps for dinner, then?”
“Yeah, that’s not such a good idea,” Lea told him solemnly.
“Dare I ask why?” Rowen sighed heavily.
“I have plans,” she replied.
“Plans, hmm?”
“Yep… Beating you to a pulp in our rematch tonight is gonna take up most of my schedule.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Finicky Feline, Chapter 4 Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of "The Finicky Feline" in the book series "Mating of the Beasts." Stay tuned for more fun tidbits. There will be information about the second book in the series soon.


“Why would you want to spend time in a boring, dusty, antique store?”
“Well, the company is not unbearable,” Rowen replied with a half smile, “And I am debating purchasing an item.”
“Oh, is that so?” Lea raised an eyebrow, “What item?”
“Perhaps this very unique lamp,” Rowen began thoughtfully; “The colors are quite stunning.”
“Ah, is there anything else you like about the lamp?” Lea questioned.
“The shape is also very appealing,” Rowen nodded, eyeing the lamp, “It also is very illuminating.”
“What makes you think you’re worthy of such a lamp?” Lea sighed forlornly, “It looks like it has high standards.”
“I have quite a bit to offer a lamp that captures my attention as this one has,” Rowen inclined his head.
Lea was about to reply when the bell rang, announcing the presence of her brother and his best friend.
“Oh, hey Lea,” Brian greeted her, “I didn’t know you’d be here at this time.”
“Really?” she raised an eyebrow, “Because I’m here every time you grace the shop with your presence.”
Rowen sent her a quizzical glance before focusing his attention to the teenage boy.
“Oh, who knew?” Brian shrugged, smiling as he leaned against the counter, ignoring Rowen who stood beside him, “I guess we’ve spent a lot of time together in the past, haven’t we?”
“I suppose,” she grimaced, “Don’t you and Erik have some hangouts to… hang out in?”
Why? This is such a nice place to hang out in! There’s… old things.”
“Are there?” Lea glanced around, “Oh… so there is.”
“So, I wanted to ask you something,” Brian’s finger began tracing invisible lines on the glass counter, gradually getting closer to Lea’s hand, “Would you like to go on a date sometime?”
All heads turned to face Rowen when he caught the lamp right before it hit the ground.
“So, what do’ya say?” Brian asked, ignoring the lamp incident, “Will you go out with me?”
“Brian,” she shook her head sadly, “You’re a nice guy and all, but…” she leaned across the counter and whispered, “haven’t you heard the rumors about me?”
Brian swallowed hard, eyes wide.
“So… it’s true then? That you’re…?”
“I’m afraid so,” she nodded gravely, “Sorry.”
“And you’re not like… bi or anything?” he asked hopefully.
“Nope, I’m one-hundred percent… you know.”
“Well, I’d better get home,” Brian stuttered, “I’ll… Bye Erik.”
As he fled out the door, Lea turned to Rowen whose expression was stony.
“I’m gonna do some homework in the storeroom,” Erik said, “Let me know if you need me.”
“I did not realize it was possible for a Beast to not be heterosexual,” Rowen told her, his voice tense.
“Can’t you tell when a girl is trying to get rid of an annoying guy?” Lea winked.
“So you are not…?”
“Now I didn’t say that,” Lea hedged, her smile widening.
“Do you enjoy torturing men?” Rowen raised an eyebrow.
“Far more than I should,” she nodded, unabashed.
“You are not going to give me a straight answer, are you?”
“Nope,” Lea replied happily.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Updates and Tid Bits

A new book is coming soon to the Beast world. I am working tirelessly to get it ready and hope to have it out very soon. It still needs editing, a name, and a cover, but then it will be ready to go.

Now, a treat. The following is a collection of quotes from "The Finicky Feline" that I hope will capture your interest. I will post more at a later date.


“But I’m worried about Erik and I think this has something to do with his—”
“Inability to perform?” Lea could not suppress her grin.
~Mari Stine and Lea Stine.

“Oh, so you actually have a fetish for lamps, then?” Lea grinned wickedly, “That’s something you don’t hear everyday.”
~Lea Stine

“Well, I assure you, I am a perfect gentleman,” he told her, “I always wait until the third date to undress a lamp.”

“Well, I hope you, your kitty-cat, and your lamp make a happy threesome.”
~Lea Stine

“What happened after the ritual?”
“No ‘hey, good morning sister’?” Lea grumbled, opening her laptop as she took her place behind the counter.
“Good morning my dear sister;” Erik replied expansively, “How are you on this fine day?”
“Very well, brother,” she returned in the same tone, “I hope you are well, as well.”
Very well,” he nodded before becoming urgent and curious again, “So how was it?”
~Erik Stine and Lea Stine.

“For your information, I can defend myself,” she told him, attempting to wriggle out of his embrace.
“Do not pretend that you dislike my touch,” he half-smiled, tightening his grip as he used his other hand to caress her cheek.
Without thought, Lea closed her eyes and leaned into his hand, surprising herself when a sound came from her throat.
“Ah, so you purr,” he smiled widely, “My beloved Feline, you constantly amaze me.”
~Lea Stine and Rowen.

“So are we going to call the police?” Brian asked, “I mean, good people don’t growl at people, do they? He has to be a murderer or something… He’s like seven feet tall and probably lifts trucks instead of weights!”
~Brian Sinclair

“I have yet to be able to fully shift, but I am quite advanced. The only one in my old pack able to shift further than I was my brother.”
“So you have an impressive resume,” Lea shrugged, “But the question is… can you beat me in a race?”
“I think you have the advantage in this setting, Feline,” Rowen raised an eyebrow, smiling, “But it could not hurt to find out.”
~Rowen and Lea Stine.

“How are you able to remain shifted after that?” Lea asked, gesturing at his hirsute legs and arms, “Aren’t you worn out?”
“I think you will find that I have great stamina,” he smiled down at her as his arms and legs became human again, though his eyes still remained shifted.
~Lea Stine and Rowen.

What’s tonight?” Lea frowned, suddenly unsure.
“Training session on the grounds… It should be just up your alley, cat.”
~Lea Stine and Rowen.

“How do you know she went this way?”
“Her scent,” Bert rolled his eyes, “Don’t you know your own sister’s scent?”
“I don’t exactly go around sniffing her,”
~Erik Stine and Bert.

Time to get to know me

Hello readers!

Now, I’m sure this may seem a tad random. I will preface this post with this: I plan to tell my readers about my self today, as well as my motivations to write. If you think that will bore you, I won’t be offended if you decide to skip this blog entry. However, you may find something within the mumbo jumbo that interests you so I do encourage you to at least skim it briefly.

I’ve been writing (and I mean actually writing things down) since I was about fifteen. Before that, I wrote small things on construction paper or in a computer program for kids. However, it had been nearly ten years since that when I sat down and began writing fan fiction. Yes, I got my start writing fan fiction! First, I wrote a little story about my own clan of Warrior Cats. It was rife with grammatical mistakes and tense mix-ups. In fact, it almost physically hurts for me to go back and read it.

At that point, I was too afraid to let anyone other than my mother read anything I wrote. And I mean anything. I was afraid to communicate online, so I made my mom read any little correspondence. I was overly critical of every little thing I wrote, even if it was just an instant message. I’m still amazed that I wrote several pages of that Warrior fan fiction because I was so afraid to write at that point.

Yet, I had a million stories in my head that played out as I attempted to fall asleep. I had fully developed original characters that had fully developed back stories and relationships, yet I could not bring myself to write them down.

After writing that fan fiction (which to this day remains unfinished), I stopped writing again. It wasn’t until a year later, when I picked up a book titled “Twilight” that I was inspired to write again. After reading every Twilight book, I forced my mother to read them as well.

Well, my mom, being an English teacher, pointed out a lot of things in the Twilight books that I had no idea about at that point. It was reading those books with my mom that I finally learned what she had tried to tell me when I had her read my Warriors fan fiction and what it meant. Yes, that’s right. Twilight taught me the does and don’ts of writing.

In addition to that, however, my mom and I had deep discussions about the characters and what we believed Stephenie Meyer meant to do and what she actually did. We discussed everything in deep detail and through that, I learned more about character development and plots.

All the while, I had begun writing Twilight fan fiction. Through that, I became more comfortable writing, though I still could not bring myself to write about characters that had been in my head nearly all my life. While writing the fan fiction, however, I came up with new characters and developed them.

One day, I woke up and realized that I had an idea for a story. A story that didn’t involve the Twilight characters. I quickly got to work. Now, that story still remains unfinished, but that story led to another. “Ways of the Pack,” in fact.

Now you know the story of how I came to write. Hopefully it doesn’t make me look too weird… I mean, I am weird, but I don’t want to turn off my readers with my weirdness! I think every writer has to have a certain level of weirdness to be able to write, honestly.

Okay, enough about the history of my writing. Onto things about me specifically. I was born and raised in Texas and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, though I dream of moving someplace less hot. I used to think I wanted to live in Alaska, but I now realize that I don’t want to be too cold either. My arms get chilled easily.

I have two wonderful dogs, Sugar and Taffy. They are both small poodles and are both stinkers. Taffy, who weighs four pounds at age six (her birthday was last week) bosses around Sugar who will turn twelve in November and weighs about eight pounds. Taffy is really good with people, but no so good with other dogs. Boy, can she growl…

I enjoy writing more than anything, but reading can be fun as well if I find the right materially (I nearly wrote “write” instead of “right”, hehe). I prefer to read about shape shifters, but an occasional vampire novel never hurt anyone. I used to hate vampires with a passion, but that was when I was young and feared that they were real. Back then, I was afraid of nearly everything, yet I never feared werewolves. Ever. I think that was a sign of things to come.

My two favorite movies are Beauty and the Beast (the Disney version), Spirit, and Princess Bride. I really want to read Princess Bride, but I keep forgetting to track down the book. I don’t really have a favorite book, though I have read each Harry Potter book at least five times. I’ve read the third and fifth books a lot more, though, because they are my favorites of the series. I think it has something to do with the werewolves and shape shifters… Interesting…

There are a ton of different types of werewolves in books and movies, but I don’t really have a favorite. I like them all, I guess. Van Helsing had the most awesome-looking werewolf in a movie, but Skyrim (a video game) even has that beat. In media, I think Skyrim had the best werewolf.

Now, you’re probably thinking I’m a big gamer, right? Wrong. I barely play video games, but I had to when I heard that Skyrim had awesome werewolves. I also play Dragon Age Origins, though I’m kind of turned off of that game because I messed it up a bit.

As for other games, I occasionally am an avid The Sims player as well as Zoo Tycoon. I used to play deer and duck hunting games (and was pretty good if I do say so myself), but I haven’t been able to in a while.

So, it’s time for music… As I write this part, I am listening to Howl by Florence and the Machine. I love this song and it sparked so many ideas when I began writing “Mating of the Beasts.” Just a second ago, I was listening to Fireflies by Owl City, but this playlist is mostly made up of songs from the Twilight soundtracks as well as the Vampire Diaries soundtrack with a few Disney songs thrown in. I have eclectic tastes in music and I can learn to like almost anything.

I hope you feel like you know me better now. Please, let me know if you have any questions about me, my writing, my characters… anything! I will happily answer!

Thanks for reading!
~A.M. Reed