Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nearly There...

My new book is nearly complete. I have a few more scenes to add and then comes the editing, but I hope to have it published by the end of the month. Below, you can read a short description of the book. This may or may not be the official description when I publish it. Please, share your thoughts!

"The Stines are a normal family...a nice home, a thriving antique business, and two kids. Son Eric, in high school, has a secret girlfriend while Lea, high school graduate and general loner, spends her time knee deep in the family business.

But this family has a secret...a secret none of them can share. Within each of them lies a Beast...a Beast they must learn to control...and that is not an easy task.

To complicate things, a stranger arrives on their doorstep, and although the family welcomes him into their circle, Lea has too many walls to trust anyone completely. The stranger begins to pull Lea's walls down, one at a time, but when she finally begins to accept him, another stranger arrives with information that could turn Lea's world upside down.

Torn between feelings she can not control and information she can not deny, Lea is faced with a choice...a choice that could endanger all of them."

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