Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally, I have a blog...

It took me long enough. ;)

So, down to business. I got this account so that people can know what I'm up to and what books are in the works. If you haven't checked out my previous books, you can find links to them at the bottom of this post.

Currently, I have three books published and many, many books in the works.  The book I am currently working hard on is completely separate from my book series "Ways of the Pack." I would say that it is 99% finished. I only have a scene or two to add in the middle and then comes the editing.

I am keeping the details of this book secret for now, but I will tell you that there are shape-shifters, murderers, deception, romance, and quite a bit more. My proof reader says that it is my best work yet! I hope everyone feels the same when they finally get to read it.  I will tentatively say that it will be available within the next two months, but hopefully within the month. I cannot make any promises, though, due to my busy schedule.

Watch this Blog for updates and possibly some snippets from upcoming books!

Until next time...
~A.M. Reed

Where can you buy my books?

You can buy them on the Amazon Kindle:
Hunter: Secrets Revealed
Jacey: New Friends, New Enemies
Matthew: Hearts of Stone

You can buy the paperback on Amazon:
Hunter: Secrets Revealed
Ways of the Pack (3 book combo)

You can buy them on the Barnes and Noble Nook:
Hunter: Secrets Revealed
Jacey: New Friends, New Enemies (Coming soon)
Matthew: Hearts of Stone (Coming soon)

Make sure you keep an eye on the my Amazon page.

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