Thursday, March 29, 2012

2nd Book in the "Beasts" Series in the works!

You read that right! The next book in my "Mating of the Beasts" series is on the way!

You will see all your favorite characters again, Lea, Rowen, Erik, as well as new Beasts! You will meet more members of the Pack as well as a few members of Rowen's old Pack as they attempt to protect the territory from... Oops, I almost gave it away.

Right now, the book is a bit choppy, so it will need major editing. I hit the 20,000 word mark today and it probably will not be too much longer. I gave up writing long books a few hundred thousand words ago. "The Finicky Feline" barely topped 30,000 and this one may be a tad longer.

I am enjoying writing "Beasts" far too much. Someone needs to tell me to stop so I can actually get some work done... Thankfully, I will be taking April off which means I may be able to get this book finished and released. The editing will take a while, though, and the cover is always a hold up. However, I'll have a lot of free time to get that done!

Have you checked out "Mating of the Beasts: The Finicky Feline" yet? It is the first book in the series. Did you like it? Please, share your thoughts! I want feedback from my readers.

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