Monday, August 25, 2014

Giveaway ended

My giveaway has ended. I apologize for the delay. I had to work out a few technical difficulties. Fear not, those who did not win! There will be more giveaways in the future that may possibly include more than just books.

Would anyone be interested in t-shirts or other merchandise that had various images from my covers printed on them?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Win free books!

Enter below to win paperback copies of my "Wolves Among Us" books.

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Please give me your feedback on this. I've never run a successful giveaway before, so I need input on the quality of this. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Future Books

I have good news and possibly bad news for some of my readers.

The 5th book in the Wolves Among Us series is in progress. It likely won't be finished until next year, but hopefully it won't take as long to publish as my last book, which was published almost exactly a year after the previous book in the series. The 5th book will bring together the main characters from all four previous books (The Chase, Rogues, Broken, and Alpha Female). Therefore, it is somewhat of a sequel to all the characters' stories. Because of this, it requires extra thought and planning. It is not easy balancing so many characters, but so far, I think it is coming along very well.

Now for the bad news... I do not know if anyone still reads or cares about my other series, Mating of the Beasts and Ways of the Pack, but I have no plans to continue those series.

I feel that Ways of the Pack ended with The Return and there is nothing more for me to write about in that world. I started that series when I was sixteen and I have outgrown it and many of the characters. In fact, I cringe when I think on what I wrote.

As far as Mating of the Beasts goes, I started the third book in the series, but I painted myself into a corner, so to speak. I have no where to go with it and I no longer feel a connection to the characters. I can't write about them, no matter how hard I try. I may someday return and finish what I started, but I do not want anyone to expect that.

Both of those series began before I was even twenty years old. They helped me grow as a writer, but trying to continue them would hold me back. Wolves Among Us fits me better now. I feel that I have come up with more realistic characters and story-lines for it due to the fact that I have more life experience now. I mean, honestly, when I wrote my first "romance," I hadn't even said two words to a male of the species... much less dated anyone. How did I know what it was like? Admittedly, I still didn't have that experience until after I published Rogues and while I was writing Alpha Female, but
even now having that experience, I feel that my Wolves Among Us series portrays it better than the books I wrote when I was younger.

More to the point... I apologize to anyone looking forward to books from those series. If I could continue them, I would. I had so many stories in my head for those characters, but I just cannot write them.

Thanks for sticking with me!
~A. M. Reed

Alpha Female available in Paperback!

Alpha Female can now be found on Amazon and Createspace in paperback form. I believe it will be available through other retailers as well.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alpha Female on the Kindle!

Alpha Female is now available on the Kindle! Remember, you can read Kindle books on pretty much any electronic devices, including your computer (Mac or PC)! Alpha Female is also available as a paperback on CreateSpace, but will be on Amazon soon. It also will be available on other ebook venders soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alpha Female is published!

Alpha Female is now available! It is currently only on Smashwords, but it will be available in print and other ebook formats within the week.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Alpha Female - Cover Reveal + Blurb

Becca Carlyle, not content with living in the male-dominated world of werewolves, wants more than simply being an obedient mate.  She wants to empower females, to become an example of how to stand up and be counted, refusing to roll over while males lord it over her.

What better way than becoming an Alpha, a position traditionally held by males? 

Finally, realizing her dream of becoming an Alpha, Becca is accepted as Alpha of a small pack, but things don’t go exactly as planned when the Alpha of a nearby and much larger pack challenges her during a full moon.  The outcome threatens everything Becca holds dear and she is forced to make some tough decisions.

Will love or pride win out?


“Alpha Female” is a novelette (about 17,000 words). It is part of the “Wolves Among Us” series, but no other books need to be read in order to understand the events of “Alpha Female.” At this point, the books in the “Wolves Among Us” series can be read in any order. Here is a list of the books in the series, in the recommended reading order.
  • The Chase
  • Broken
  • Alpha Female
  • Rogues